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For All Your CAD and BIM-Construction Projects

Collabrive is a cloud software-as-a-subscription based collaboration platform for CAD & BIM construction projects. Focused on solving the common issue of how to share files across virtual teams from different companies with different roles, Collabrive is uniquely designed to handle the storage, organization and communication needed to run an effective building project.

Forget manually tracking issues in spreadsheets, trying to follow email chains of changes and getting “file too large” when trying to send through email. With Collabrive, you can collaborate on all of your 2D, 3D and BIM models right in your browser leaving comments and corrections that save time and reduce frustration. Teams that use Collabrive work better together and develop better partnerships that produce higher quality projects.

Collabrive is a cloud-based application that teams that do not share a common network can easily use to share and comment on documents to work faster and smarter.
Highly Secure
Collabrive utilizes Microsoft Azure which is the most secure cloud application platform to protect your sensitive data.
No Installations
View your 3D model (lfc) and 2D drawings (dwg) right through your browser.
User Friendly
Collabrive uses a highly intuitive UI/UX design so that little training is needed. Simply login and go.
You can start with the number of users you need and always increase or decrease to handle changing team sizes on your projects.
If you need help, we’re here. Support is bundled into the price and we can provide extra help in training or answering questions.
Project Management
  • Import, save and export info
  • Assign users to projects
  • Assign roles & permissions to users
Document Management
  • Allocate cloud space for projects
  • Version control
  • Create, modify & delete folder directories
  • Assign document level permissions
3D & 2D Visualization
  • View files with ease
  • Switch views, clip & hide elements
  • Search text in drawing
  • Zoom in/out
  • Perform basic calculations
Issue Managment
  • One dashboard to create, update & view issues
  • Issue search
  • Filter and export issues
Work Assignment Management
  • Task manager
  • Review/approval queue
  • Link tasks to files
Document Issue Management
  • Create issues with 2D, 3D and PDF files
  • View document with list of all related issues
  • Version history of issues
Project Status Charts
  • Task summary chart
  • Issue summary chart
  • Easily switch between charts to view progress
Personal Inbox for Task Management
  • Track all issues assigned to you
  • Search for issues or tasks by title
  • Respond to assigned issues
BIM Authoring Tool/Software Integration
  • You can save the significant amount of the production time with the help of our Collaborative Plugins/Add-on’s as it’s directly linked with BIM authoring tools like Tekla, which Implies your complex issue management turns so simple, easy and quick
Construction Project Managers

  • Centralized platform to manage all aspects of the project across multiple stakeholders
  • Reduce waste through more effective communication and elimination of redundancy
  • Reduce overall building operational costs to leave room for investment back into

Construction Companies

  • Make sure model/Documents good enough to start Building construction.
  • Minimize waste on unnecessary materials ordered
  • You can quote competitive price and accuracy in information takeoff.

  • Standardized use of the same model/IFS saves time amongst stakeholders in collaboration
  • Effective tracking & use of project resources
  • Improved project planning & projections to allow for higher margin projects


  • Design change management prior to delivery to stakeholders
  • Resource management utilization & optimization
  • Document repository of all design changes

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